"The day before my husband was to be released from LifeCare, he turned to me and said he knew he had been given a second chance at life. For this reason our family will be forever grateful to the doctors, nurses, therapists and staff of LifeCare, whom my husband now refers to as his 'angels'."
-Sharon from Texas

Why LifeCare?

Because career development means more than a new job title, our company embraces a professional strategy that enables you to grow with our healthcare system, regardless of your experience level. Whether you are a seasoned clinician or a new graduate, we can help connect you to the opportunity to gain skills and capabilities to expand your range of career options.

Our hospitals offer competitive compensation packages and a national range of geographical locations. It’s not surprising that so many healthcare, management and administrative professionals choose to work with the LifeCare family of hospitals.

To learn about job opportunities with LifeCare, please search our job board. To learn more about our hospitals, click on any location on the map below.

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