"LifeCare helped me heal and return home faster."
-Margarett from Wisconsin

Our Core Clinical Standards

These core clinical standards define the way each of our hospitals put into practice LifeCare’s mission and values.

I - Active physician participation
Every aspect of the recovery process should be rooted in sound medical judgment. Each patient’s care is overseen by a highly trained, committed physician. This physician directs a team of caregivers, specialists and therapists, and is an active participant in the treatment process, ensuring every decision supports the shared goal of maximizing the patient’s recovery potential.

II - Complete critical care
LifeCare Hospitals offer patients access to a higher level of care, including advanced technology and specially trained teams of expert caregivers. By bringing a full complement of critical care services to the patient, we avoid costly transfers, which interrupt the recovery process and can result in complications or setbacks.

III - Aggressive rehabilitation concepts
We believe it’s never too soon to begin thinking about rehabilitation. By introducing aggressive therapies to even the most critically ill patients, we can prevent physical deterioration and begin the recovery process sooner.

IV - Team-oriented approach
No two patients are alike – and neither are their recoveries. That’s why we develop a personalized care plan for each patient that focuses on the well-being of the entire person – not just a single aspect of his or her condition. By working together and sharing information across medical disciplines, our team of experts can concentrate on what really matters: moving the patient forward in the recovery process.

V - Dedicated case management
Each LifeCare treatment team includes a dedicated case manager. While the patient’s medical care is supervised by a highly skilled physician, the case manager develops a written plan of care and works with the team to set goals and monitor the patient’s progress. This highly personalized approach can lead to improved outcomes and shorter hospital stays for thousands of LifeCare patients.

VI - Positive individual attention

At LifeCare, we never forget our patients are people. Just as we work to strengthen the body, we also work to nurture the mind and soul. Whether it’s the simple act of dressing patients in their own clothes instead of a hospital gown or taking the time to get to know them – both now and as they were before illness or injury changed their life – we give patients the tools they need to progress physically, mentally and spiritually.

VII - Patient and family involvement
The final – and most important – members of the treatment team are the patient and his or her loved ones. Because we believe knowledge is power, we give patients and families the information they need to be active participants in the recovery process – both in making decisions about the plan of care and in setting goals and working to meet them.

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