"The day before my husband was to be released from LifeCare, he turned to me and said he knew he had been given a second chance at life. For this reason our family will be forever grateful to the doctors, nurses, therapists and staff of LifeCare, whom my husband now refers to as his 'angels'."
-Sharon from Texas

Compliance Line


The foundation of LifeCare’s Compliance Program requires that our company and its employees do the right thing and obey the law.  If you suspect that a LifeCare employee is in violation of the Code of Conduct or other company policies, including federal, state and local laws – report it.

First, talk with your immediate supervisor, HR representative, Hospital Compliance Office or Administrator/CEO.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome or are uncomfortable discussing the issue with leadership – please call the 24-hour confidential Compliance Line at 800-472-6450.


LifeCare is committed to ensuring your job satisfaction and wants to resolve any work-related concerns.  The first step to a resolution is to discuss it with your supervisor and or use the Resolve It! process.


Our Integrity Starts with You.

Employee FAQ

What is the purpose of the Compliance Line?
Your Compliance Line is a valuable tool designed to encourage employees, patients, visitors, or others involved with LifeCare  and its Family of Hospitals to report concerns when they believe there may be violations of LifeCare’s Code of Conduct, company policies, or federal, state or local laws.

Who will answer my call on the Compliance Line?
LifeCare has partnered with an outside vendor who is responsible for answering all Compliance Line calls.  During your initial contact, pertinent information will be collected and logged into a web-based system.  The individuals answering the Compliance Line are not LifeCare employees.

Are calls confidential?
Calls are confidential.  However, information may be disclosed to relevant individuals during the course of the investigation in order to obtain additional information.  Individuals involved in the investigation will be asked to keep all information confidential.  It is up to each individual caller if they wish to remain anonymous.

What happens once calls are received?
Once a call is logged, a notification is received by the Compliance Department at the Support Center who will review the report.  The Compliance Department may choose to send the information to the appropriate individual at the hospital to investigate the claim or will investigate the matter directly.     

What information must I provide when I contact the Compliance Line?
Individuals have the option of providing as much or as little information as they wish – which includes making the report anonymously.  However, in order to accurately investigate a claim, callers are encouraged to provide as much detailed information as possible such as the name of the facility, dates, times and names of individuals involved.

Are calls recorded?
No, calls are not recorded.

How do I determine the outcome of my call?
After you make a report to the Compliance Line, you will be given an identification number and estimated call-back date related to your concern.  The call back date is typically two weeks after your initial call.  After the call-back date, you may contact the Compliance Line using your ID number to obtain the results or current status of the investigation.

How do I report disruptive behavior?
Disruptive behavior by an employee, physician, patient, patient’s family member, vendor or other individual will not be tolerated.  Employees who witness or are subjected to disruptive behavior should report it to their immediate supervisor and/or Human Resources.  Patients and other individuals should report disruptive behavior to a nursing supervisor or other member of management.  Reports of disruptive behavior may also be made via the Compliance Line. 

What if I am not satisfied with the resolution of my reported issue?
If a caller is not satisfied with a resolution, they may make another report stating why they are dissatisfied and may also provide a suggested resolution to the concern.

What hours may I contact the Compliance Line?
Your call will be answered 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

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